A pilates birthday

Would you like us to host a kids pilates class as a unique affordable fun filled birthday event?

Contact Nix on 081 725 3959 (WhatsApp comms welcome) / nix@soma.co.za for Uitzicht enquiries & bookings.
Address – Sat nav link: 5 Leeds Close, Uitzicht. (Behind Brights).

A space ideal for a pilates, yoga or dance class for kids in Durbanville, Uitzicht, Kraaifontein

We can provide a fun filled and enthusiastic 30-40 minute pilates class for 10 kiddies ages 6-13.

Folks are welcome to take over our lounge and kitchen space (last minute cake touches, oven goodies) and we can provide Disney distractions on the Tele to keep little folks entertained.

At their own discretion and care:
Your guests are welcome to play in our backyard garden (chalk wall & trampoline available).

Folks can arrive an hour before and stay a hour after the pilates class, totalling your visit at 2.5 hrs. And when everyone leaves, we’ll clean up : )

We advise you arrange to come visit our studio space prior to your birthday event so you can familiarise with the setup and discuss details.

Parking ettiquette

1. Off street parking is available for up to 3-4 cars: We ask that your guests park outside the crescent, it is a short walk to the entrance once parked outside the culdesac.
2. Strictly no parking in front of neighbours’ driveways please.

Pilates party rates

R500 / 5 children. R75 for every additional child up to a maximum of 10 children.

Bring your own:

You are welcome to bring your own party packs, decorations and to decorate the space before your guests arrive.

Please feel free to take over the kitchen/oven/fridge as required.

Would you like us to help you organise:

1. Party packs @ R75ea (E.g Contents: Fizzers, lollipops, crisps, lottery tickets, mini smarties)
2. Balloons helium @ R20ea
3. Balloons normal @ R5ea
4. Paper plates