Tribal Fusion

What is Tribal Fusion belly dance? We’ve compiled a Youtube playlist of top worldwide inspiring dancers. Enjoy!

Soma offersTribal Fusion and ATS adult/teen classes (See class timetable) for all levels of dancers and fitness.

If you interested in reading up on American Tribal Style (ATS®) belly dance then head on over to our ATS page.

Tribal Fusion belly dance style has its routes in the ancient North African, Gypsy and Arabic belly dance forms.

Everything is constantly evolving, this style is even influenced by contemporary dance forms: this brings in an expansive and modern edge.

Our team of dancers all have very diverse backgrounds in the performing arts, which lends to a rich blend of style and innovation within our performance troupe.

This ever evolving dance art can be presented to newcomers to this style in two ways:

  • 1. Read the history on wikipedia: Tirbal Fusion indepth on Wikipedia
  • 2. Hunt through our treasure trove youtube compilation of personal favourite fusion belly dance clips.